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Product Name : KW7010 Series Mesh Bridge
Product No : KW7010
Product Introduction

Outdoor Wireless Mesh Bridge
900MHz / 2.4GHz / 5GHz

What is a Mesh Bridge ?

Mesh bridge is the wireless bridge connect mesh network through the ethernet. With this mesh bridge technology, users could access the network from one node to another without re-connection. The mesh bridge connect nodes around and make communication between these node possible. The ethernet bridging network is especially essential in a public space like campus, government facilities or convention center.


KW7010 series, the high throughput mesh bridge

KW7010 Series mesh bridge is a high performance wireless MESH network equipment. The wireless mesh bridge can self-configure, dispose the network, and the network failure can be repaired automatically so that the overall performance and the usability achieves the optimization.

KW7010 Series mesh bridge makes use of advance algorithm to enhance the throughput and low time-out from the centre to the edge of the network. KW7010 Series mesh bridge is not only the wireless mesh bridge, but also may simultaneously support the wireless hotspot covering. It will provide the wireless broadcast access and the high bandwidth audio frequency/data/video frequency service.


Wireless mesh bridge/AP construction illustration

By connecting a KW7010 Series wireless mesh birdge to your wired network, users can enjoy wireless Internet access faster than ever before. Meanwhile, robust security ensures the Internet connection is protected.


Memory 16MB Flash + 32MB SDRAM
LAN 1 x 10/100BaseT RJ-45 with Auto-MDIX
Power Over Ethernet Yes, 802.3af, w/ Lighting Protector Yes, 802.3af, w/ Lighting Protector Yes, 802.3af, w/ Lighting Protector
Default button Yes Yes Yes
Antenna 1 N Connector 1 N Connector 1 N Connector
Frequency 2.4GHz 5GHz 900MHz (902-928MHz)
Enclosure Metal Enclosure, IP68 verified
Maximum Output Power 21dBm @54Mbps 20dBm @54Mbps 20dBm @54Mbps
Sensitivity 54Mbps:≦-72dBm 54Mbps:≦-70dBm 54Mbps:≦-78dBm
Dimension 259 × 250 × 75 mm 259 × 250 × 75 mm 259 × 250 × 75 mm
Weight 1.8 Kg 2.8 Kg 2.0 Kg
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 75C -20 ~ 75C -20 ~ 75C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 80C -20 ~ 80C -20 ~ 80C
Storage Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH 5 ~ 95% RH 5 ~ 95% RH
Operation Modes AP / CPE / MESH AP / CPE / MESH AP / CPE / MESH
Link Test Yes Yes Yes
MESH Diagnose Yes Yes Yes
Channel Bandwidth 20 / 10 / 5 MHz 20 / 10 / 5 MHz 20 / 10 / 5 MHz
MESH Link Display Yes Yes Yes
WPA / WPA2 Yes Yes Yes
WEP Yes, 64/128 Yes, 64/128 Yes, 64/128
Web Base Management Yes Yes Yes
HTTP F/W Upgrade Yes Yes Yes
SNMP Yes, MIB 2 Yes, MIB 2 Yes, MIB 2
Windows Utility Yes (Bridge Vision) Yes (Bridge Vision) Yes (Bridge Vision)