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model KWA-O1850-I backhaul bridge
    產品名稱 : KWA-O1850-I
    產品型號 : KWA-O1850-I

    5GHz FDD Radio System for E1/T1 Bridge
    KW1850 Series P2P WiFD2®Outdoor Backhaul Bridge
    Ultra Low Latency KWA-O1850 Series

    Formosa KW1850 series of all outdoor bridge are designed for point to point application. These bridges with functions of PoE(Power over Ethernet) power supply, waterproof, dustproof and coolant can build up a low packet latency and high bandwidth connection between two buildings. Such marvelous products are so suitable to be set up outdoors. Radio in the KW1850 series support capabilities ranging from 1.6 Mbps to an industry-leading 120 Mbps of aggregate user throughput, and 100BaseT interfaces. Featuring native FDD and native Ethernet transport and full software configurability and upgradeability, the KW1850 series was designed to meet demanding backhaul requirements of enterprise organizations and service providers seeking the performance benefits of an all-outdoor configuration.

    Security, Management and Data Networking. The KW1850 series deliver the highest data and management security available with 256-bit AES encryption and secure SNMP v2 management, together with enhanced fault management and diagnostic features.

    WiVIEW 2, Managed Tool


    KWA-O1850 Series
    Tuning Resolution 1 MHz
    Output Power (full power) +25 dBm BPSK1/2, +20dBm 64QAM3/4
    Power Control Step Size 1 dB
    Receiver Threshold (BER=10-6)   20 MHz 40 MHz
    64QAM 3/4   -70 -68
    64QAM 1/2   -75 -73
    16QAM 3/4   -78 -76
    16QAM 1/2   -82 -80
    QPSK 3/4   -84 -82
    QPSK 1/2   -86 -84
    BPSK 3/4   -88 -86
    BPSK 1/2   -90 -88
    Throughput (Mbps)   70 125
    Non-overlapping Channels     2
    Configuration and Management
    WEB GUI Navigating the GUI
    SNMP SNMP v1/v2 
    QoS 802.1P (Ethernet)
    Diagnostic and Testing
    Ethernet Loopback  
    No Loopback Default
    External Local Loopback External loopback modes are used in conjunction with an externaltest source
    External Remote Loopback External loopback modes are used in conjunction with an externaltest source
    Internal Loopback Internal loopback uses an internal test source, and sends the test source signal across the link,
    looped at the remote radio's interface, returned to the local radio,
    and looped at the local radio's interface back to the source.
    The inputs at both ends are looped back at the line level.
    PING Remote Birdge  
    Protocol Stack SNMP, HTTP, UDP, TCP, IP v4, DNS,
    System (Continue)
    Maximum RSL -15 dBm error free
    0 dBm no damage
    Maximum Packet Size 1514 bytes
    Data Security Packets Per Second 256-bit AES encryption
    20,000+ packets/s
    End to End Packet Latency <1ms
    Physical Configuration Outdoor Unit (ODU)
    Operation Temperature -20 to +75 ℃; -4 to 167℉
    Full Specification Temperature -20 to +75 ℃
    Environmental NEMA 4/IP68
    Humidity 100% condensing
    Ethernet RJ-45(F)
    Speed 10/100BaseT (POE)
    Duplex Half, Full, Auto-MDIX
    Compliance 802.3
    DC Power 48VDC, <20W
    Output Power
    KWA-O1850-I 5,120-5,900 23 / N Jack 23 (200mW) -90 335x 335x 81 2.9