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Formosa Wireless’ WiSaftety system is based on Wireless Technologies, such as Wi-Fi and UWB (Ultra Wide Band) , to establish a safety environment. The system is in high accuracy RTLS (Real time Location System). It can be designed for distance detection or location detection.

For distance detection, you can use it for avoidance accident collision, such as warning workers when forklift is getting close.

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For location detection, you can easy to know where the patients are in the hospital. And you can also design some alarm systems to remind the patients they are on wrong place now.


The WiSafety system includes 2 parts, Anchor and Tag. Anchor is the data collector of the WiSafety system. Tag is the data sender. Anchor gets the information from the Tags and calculates the distance between Anchor and Tags. Under the WiSafety Manager tool, we can import the map of the environment to show the tag’s location in real-time.

WiSafety solution supports 2 RTLS systems, ToF (Time of Flight) and TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival), with location accuracy less than 30cm and distance accuracy less than 5cm.