Illegal logging / fire / mud slide monitoring system

Mountain rangers played a very important role when it comes to prevent illegal logging and fire in the forest.

But they are always short of manpower and using modern technology seems to be the only measure to have efficient monitoring and pre-caution system.

When you are setting up a monitoring system in the mountain, you need to acquire the technology of data transmission and control for long range. FWS provides WiTDM to give you long range and high bandwidth in transmitting real-time monitoring images. And, WiTDM technology also with the ability of NLOS to cover the difficult barriers from terrain and woods. WiBONE has the centralized network management to make it possible for you to expand your system. Having these 3 technologies, we integrated them to a complete solution of high performance and low cost forest remote monitoring system.

You can set FWS KW-8000 series WiTDM outdoor bridge as the system long range network backbone and having KW-6000 WiBONE as extended subnet. Images from your monitoring system or other measuring equipment can send all those real-time data back to remote control center got a quick reaction and response.

Further to the above, our system also applied to warning and monitoring for flood and mud slide to protect our precious property.


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