Automatic anti-collision warning system in a railroad crossing

Railroad crossings present a significant risk of collisions between trains and road vehicles including pedestrians. Critical timing is the key when there is an accident, earlier railroad crossings had a flagman in a nearby booth who would, on the approach of a train, wave a red flag, lantern, and phone or 2-way radio to stop all traffic and clear the tracks. But there is better technology today.

Formosa’s WiTDM outdoor wireless bridge. Using Time Division Multiplexing technology gives you

  • Long-range
  • High bandwidth
  • NLOS
  • High mobility
  • Low interference
  • Point to multi-point

To transmit the railroad cross videos to the train drivers miles away in real-time when there is an accident to give them sufficient time to react or to stop the train.

In the actual applications, you can link several HD surveillance cameras to our WiTDM outdoor bridge - KW8000 series in a railroad crossing and transmit all the videos to the monitors in the control cockpit. Those real-time videos can also link to the main control center if there are wireless repeaters or fiber networks to send everything back to provide additional communications and control infrastructure to allow traffic operations personnel to monitor weather conditions, for dispatching maintenance crews to perform snow or ice removal, as well as intelligent systems such as automated bridge de-icing systems which help to prevent accidents.


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