Drone-Unmanned airplane/Vessel/Vehicle

Imagine what a radio-controlled model airplane can do except making your kids happy?
Imagine that something works 3-dimensional for many applications where it may be inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible to have a human operator present to develop for peacekeeping operations, ground surveillance, gatekeeper/checkpoint operations, urban street presence, and to enhance police and military raids in urban settings. But it would be a pity if those were merely operated by radio-controlled airplanes within only a couple hundred meters. On the other hand, a combat drone works a lot farther but it requires a satellite to control and to send those signals, therefore expensive and extremely difficult.

Formosa wireless Systems develops a WiTDM outdoor wireless bridge to provide a solution to the above applications.
Our WiTDM provides not only BVR ( Beyond Visual Range ) control ( > 100 km ) but also high bandwidth ( 40 Mbps ) for your videos, measurements, data, and others to send back to a ground control center in real-time.
And as they are so light in weight it allows greater payloads, range, and maneuverability not to mention the ease of upgrading your control center to mobile units.

In the actual application, you can install FWS KW-8000 (Portable WiTDM) in the fuselage and connect to all the measuring equipment or cameras. On surface control, except FWS KW-8000, our newly developed antenna signal tracking/control system automatically adjust the antenna angles to ensure the aircraft operates within the signal range for the best result of remote exploring, photographing, and measuring. You don't have to imagine the future anymore, this is a solution for your every application no matter they are in the air or on vehicles, boats, or even robots.


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