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Successful Story- WiSafety system for the safety and application of motor factories

Forklifts, tractors and stackers are potentially dangerous to the workers who work beside them in the motor factories. To alert workers in advance prior to the approaching of those vehicles are a critical public safety issue.
Formosa Wireless, with years of wireless communication engieering experiences, developed a wireless ranging and positioning system - WiSafety by UWB (Ultra Wide Band) to the precision of 10-20 cm. We recently helped a motor facotry in Korea to set up a pre-alert system in their premises, in the regions where they are busy or easily overlooked, by WiSafety. Our system will be triggered by vehicles getting close to the warning zone by siren and/or lights to call the attention to the workers in the region. With the help of WiSafety, we significantly improved the public safety and lowered the industrial hazards.