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Product Name : Injector-NF
Product No : Injector-NF
Product Introduction


DC Input PoE Injector

  1. Input :

    1.1. Input Voltage : 9Vdc to 36Vdc
    1.2. Input Current : 1.85A at 12Vdc;0.90A at 24Vdc
  2. Output:

    Output Voltage & Current
    OUTPUT +48V
    Max.load 0.35A
    Power 17W
    Min. Load 0.01A
    Load reg. 5%
    Line reg. % 1%
    Ripple % 1%
    Noise % 1%
    Note:Noise bandwidth is from DC to 20Mhz. Ripple & Noise is measured by Paralleling a 0.1uF metalize capacitor on the test point.
  3. Efficiency:

    min at Full Load, 12Vdc & 24Vdc Input Voltage.
  4. Protection :

    4.1. Short Circuit Protection
    Output short ground (GND). The terminal will not damage the power supply and will Auto-Reset.
    4.2. Over Current Limits
    4.2.1. 120% to 160% @ 12Vdc input full load.
  5. RJ-45 Connector & Pinout

     RJ-45 Output (Data & Power)RJ-45 Input (Data Only)
    1 Rx+ Data Receive Rx+ Data Receive
    2 Rx- Data Receive Rx- Data Receive
    3 Tx+ Data Transmit Tx+ Data Transmit
    4 -Vdc Feeding Power(+) NC No Connection
    5 -Vdc Feeding Power(+) NC No Connection
    6 Tx- Data Transmit Tx- Data Transmit
    7 (-Vdc)_return+ Feeding Power(-) NC No Connection
    8 (-Vdc)_return+ Feeding Power(-) NC No Connection